Gaining a Testimony of the Do's of the Word of Wisdom

Olive Oil Crackers

October 4, 2012 by Sandra | 1 Comment

So I started grad school this fall, and things have been a-changin’ around here. Suddenly I’m reading mountains of literary theory instead of a several cookbooks at a time with a side of delicious novel. While it seems like the book trade off is hardly worth it- I am really happy. I’ve wanted to get back to school for sometime, and that sometime is finally here. So with new responsibilities and a much wackier weekday schedule, I’ve been shuffling how mid-week food around here looks like. I am doing fewer big meals and a lot more ready-to-eat items that I’ve made ahead and tossed into the fridge or freezer. I’m also big on snacks. I’ve found that everyone is much happier if I have something to munch on already set out prior to dinner or ready to pack out the door, and especially to school. (Since my class is 3! hours long, during  dinner time.) Enter these crackers. I’ve been making them every week for the last month. We are hooked. I’ve varied the toppings numerous ways from lemon zest and sesame seeds to sumac with thyme, peccorino and parmesean cheese to nothing but sea salt and pepper. We have loved them all with ricotta cheese and fruit butter, hummus, almond butter, pumpkin soup or roasted tomatoes. I’m finding plenty of occasions to serve them. They were the darling of the dinner table at a family dinner following my son’s baptism this week. Meet your new all-occasion cracker. Continue Reading →

An Oat to You, Tiffany

February 25, 2012 by Sandra | 4 Comments

I wanted to let you know of a slight change around here. I am now writing solo. Tiffany (Likely) started this blog several years ago as a project with a few friends as a place to share ideas, conversations,  recipes,  relevant articles and information on the Word of Wisdom. The blog  had a handful of participants. Tiffany was at the helm.  I didn’t know anything about this blog. And then I got a call to the stake activities committee, specifically for the fall event.

At the first planning meeting I met a woman dressed in grey tweed punctuated with pops of red patent. She sparkled. We shared a mutual friend who had told me I should meet Tiffany; I would love her.. She was right.  I knew instantly I wanted to be her friend. During menu planning for the event, we realized we were both students of the same school of food thought. We continued talking after the meeting. She mentioned she had a blog and it preached of the same good news I was a eager convert to: Section 89. She asked if I would be interested, she was looking for a new contributor. I was delighted at the prospect. Continue Reading →