Gaining a Testimony of the Do's of the Word of Wisdom

Fried Egg and Avocado Tacos



So while I have been honest about the dire straits of my cooking during the remodel of our kitchen, I have not confessed the reason I’ve been so slow posting things around here. I’ve been getting my blogging fix in another place as well and neglected this site. Ouch. If you are dying to know more about my kitchen remodel and simply must know where to catch more than you are getting here, you can get way too much of it here.

Yes, as I was making these tacos (and my lame excuse for lousy pictures) my house looked like this:


DSC_0192 - Copy


Yes, all of the flooring and furniture is gone from the entire first floor, so I am cooking tacos on the fire place in an electric skillet. You understand the average pictures- right?





And to add to the sadness- here is the dish zone in the kitchen.




Graciously the madness did come to an end. And the new flooring went in, and I stopped cooking in an electric skillet sitting on the fireplace. But I’m not sad for the few days I was doing it. A sprinkle of salty fresh cheese crisped on the skillet, topped with a yellow-gold egg, fried until crisp on the underside and then slipped into soft corn tortilla and topped with chunks of cool avocado. Oh, tasty-any-time-of-day meal.  They were totally worth it; both days in a row that I made them.

Note: Quality of the ingredients really comes through on a recipe this simple. Good stuff makes a world of difference, but even with when I’ve been stuck with mundane ones, I still happily ate the tacos anyway.

Fried Egg and Avocado Tacos

for each taco:

1 egg

1 tablespoon of crumbled fresh cheeoilse (a Mexican cojita or Feta)

1/4 of a medium avocado

a bit of oil

Heat a skillet to medium high heat, and add a smidge of oil.  Swirl around to coat the pan. Spinkle the cheese on the skillet and then crack the egg over the cheese in the skillet. Season with a bit of sea salt and pepper. Cover the pan so egg can cook through. When the egg is cooked to your liking- I like mine a bit soft, with the bottom crispy- slip it into a warmed tortilla,  and top with diced avocado. Salt and pepper avocado, and enjoy.


  1. Great site! I couldn’t find a contact form so I’m just going to write you here so feel free to delete this comment when you get the message. I’ve recently come across your site and have really enjoyed it. I reposted your article from Segullah on Bread at my blog:

    I wrote an article on the Word of Wisdom a few years back and our family has made huge changes to our diet over the years as well. So I’d love to share notes and insights: Since you are focused on the DOs, I think you will find some key things I stumbled across quite interesting, especially the placement and meaning of the words “constitution” and “nature” and how they relate to the DOs. I’d be interested in your perspective.

    I’ve subscribed to your blog in my reader so I’ll be following along and making some of your recipes. My wife is a pro at turning meat-based recipes to more vegetable-based meals and you’ve inspired me to start having her post some of her recipes on Talking about living the Do’s of the Word of Wisdom is one thing, but figuring out how to do it when you come from a processed food tradition is quite a task unless you know some recipes and understand some things about real food.

    After reading your post on Humane Day, I was wondering if you have read this talk by Gerald E. Jones in 1972:

    I saw that you are living in Texas now. I grew up there and have relocated to Las Vegas for the time being. Brisket and beef are a HUGE part of the Texas culture and breaking those traditions and eating habits was a huge task until I began to study the principles. Since then, I haven’t looked back.

    It’s hard finding the balance between living the way you feel that you should personally and not appearing “holier-than-thou” and belittling to others. Romans 14 (the NIV version is more easily understood) has helped a lot and contains some important principles.

    In my personal life, I just simply don’t buy meat. I have access to any foods or nutrients that I need so I seek after the “DOs”. When staying with family or friends or offered meat, I have decided to eat it out of respect and love for those offering it, after all, it IS a innapropriate to FORBID to eat meat. As we have stuck by principles and shared recipes, others have adopted the things we have shared. Casual conversations, email exchanges and especially blogging allows people to find the principles on their own and then they can decide to implement them when and if they are ready.

  2. I have not been eating good since you haven’t been posting. I need help coming back from the dark side. I am planning on meals only off your website. The end.

    Also, shared your website with my “whole foods” group at BYU. Miss you guys.