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Shockingly Good Microwaved Brown Rice



When I mentioned that things were crazy around here with the kitchen remodel and I was feeding my family in a whole new, super simplified way, I wasn’t kidding. For a month and a half (very nearly two) we went without a kitchen- basics like a sink, stove, oven, you name it. I set up shop in the dining area that looked like this:


The electric skillet also didn’t happen for the first month, so I spent a lot of time cooking our meals in the slow cooker and microwave, and I’d like to think that in a month and then some of practice time I learned a few things; some of these skills are so refined I’m in no rush to return to the old way of doing things. I know that perhaps I ought to be embarrassed by my shameful embrace of the microwave oven- the appliance blamed for the rise of prepackaged convenience food, but I’m not. I kept finding ways to make the food I like to eat with what I had, and that was the microwave, so praises be to that scapegoat appliance. What I am making in that shiny little box is so good, so easy, and so predictably perfect that I just can’t help myself. Friends, I’ve been making brown rice for years, and it has never come out as beautiful from the stove top as it does from the microwave. Yes, it is true: you can make shockingly good brown rice in the microwave, even perfect brown rice quickly and easily in the microwave oven.



While I laugh now at some of the wonkier things I tried cooking in my make-do kitchen, (crockpot bread is not the same as the oven variety and pasta in the microwave can be done, but really isn’t the best) I only talk about rice in the zapper in dulcet and respectful tones. Unless you have a dedicated rice cooker, I challenge you to make a better dish of rice. This is good stuff. And so easy, you might find occasion to make it more often. So now even with a stove top again (hooray), I am still turning to the magic box to crank out easy, perfect grains of brown rice.

Hey, if you are interested in just what I have done with my kitchen, and you haven’ t had your fill of hearing about it here, you can hop over to apartment therapy and catch more of it there. I am blogging through the remodel if you are dying for more excited details and way too much information about the whole shebang. Knock yourself out.

And now that magic rice recipe…

Microwaved Brown Rice

2 cups of brown rice

3 1/2 cups of water

1 teaspoon sea salt

optional: 1 T. oil or butter

Add water, sea salt and oil or butter (if using) to rice in a large microwave-safe bowl. Allow to sit, so rice soak up water for at least 30 minutes (or more) if at all possible. Cover bowl with a microwave-safe lid or plate, and microwave for 17 minutes. And let it go. When the rice is done, check for doneness (microwave wattage could vary cooking time). If ready place a clean dish towel between the plate and the bowl and allow the rice to rest and some of the moisture to absorb for 5 minutes. Remove, fluff with a fork and serve. Ta-da. That was easy, right?




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