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Since I’ve Been Gone

New year, new kitchen, and more changes to come

I’ve been out for a while. Really. I’ve been thinking about checking back in here, thinking about the recipes and writings and thoughts I wanted to shared- but life got frantic and I didn’t write and I didn’t post. And then the blog when berserk and some of my more recent posts vanished into the ether and I cannot get them back, despite my efforts to recover them. Grr. It was not encouraging, but I needed this space back. Somewhere to write and share the things that are so central to me, that I couldn’t stay away forever.

So, I’m back. And now for some news. We bought a house. Really. For the first time ever in my adult life, my little family has a place to live and establish a home without an expiration date on it. We don’t have plans to move, and instead making this place the kind of home we want to stay in for a long while. Which, of course, means we have some work to do.

The house is on a tree-lined street in a lovely pocket of town. All the homes, including ours, were custom built creations in the eighties. None of them are very alike, the trees are mature and shade the road from the Texas sun. And while the trees in the front were a selling point, it was the back yard that caused my husband and I to buy the house that was on it. The back yard is 3/4 an acre, with a creek running through the back of the property. And just behind the lot is a horse ranch, sprawling with native oak trees, grasses and wildflowers. Looking straight back, you can’t see any other houses. The sun shines on the large grassy expanse and I knew a garden would do well. There is a fence along the creek waiting for me to plant thornless blackberries vines to climb on it. The side yard is just the right place to built a hen house and let the kids get a few egg-laying pets. There is an producing fig tree on the side of the house and two pomegranate trees on the hill. And the morning sun rises over the view in the back yard, with a gash of vermilion that breaks over the oak covered hill. It was more than I could have hoped for. Yes, the yard was exactly what we wanted. Everything other yard we had looked at mostly consisted of cement and fancy pools and hardly a patch of green. When we saw this yard, down the street from the park and the church an easy bike ride away, we knew we had found it.

The home would have to make do. It is probably a good thing we looked at the yard first, because the kitchen did not win me over. It is an untouched original from 1985- microwave oven and all. And as we decided to buy the house, my husband and I made a solemn pack that the kitchen had to be gutted to make this the sort of house we could make a home. I’ve had many kitchens in all of our moves, but this one has been the worst.

So, we are now on the brink of a massive kitchen remodel and things are looking crazy around here. We’ll be smashing the tile and pulling out cabinets soon. The fridge will relocate to the dining room and I’ll see how well I can make do with a microwave, toaster oven and crock pot for a few weeks. Can I really go weeks without baking- I don’t know. I’ve never tried. I’m certain I will be in withdrawal soon, knocking on a neighbors door with a pan of bread dough, bowl of muffin batter and a pan of vegetables ready to roast in hand.

And I’m still thick in my second semester of my master’s program. While I am continuing in English, I will be doing an emphasis in food studies (surprise, surprise).

So, I will do my best getting back here- I have so many things to share and write and this is one of my favorite places to do that. I can’t wait to tell you more about my studies and what exciting things I come up with inspite of the pinched kitchen I will have in the next month or so. It’s going to be fun.

Hang in there. There’s good stuff to come.



  1. So glad to have you back. I’ve missed your posts.

  2. I missed your posts too! The back yard sounds lovely! We are looking at houses, and I always scroll through all the pics to the yard before even giving the house a thought!

  3. Sounds like many adventures to come!

  4. Sandra, congratulations on the house. The backyard sounds fantastic. I would have bought a house just for that backyard. Congratulations on your Master’s program too. You are quite a busy lady these days. It must feel crazy and nice.

  5. I had no idea your yard was so big. That is amazing. I missed your posts they are inspiring and helpful. Miss you guys

  6. Thanks for the love. Things are busy, but life is full and good.